Best Free Interracial Dating Sites Reviews 2017 – Top 3 List

Love knows no boundaries. Love is the most beautiful gift present on this earth in love people do not see any color, race, tribe or any such. People with open-minded can only know the meaning of true love. So for those who do not want to see any barriers between their love technology has developed some sites which will help them to find their true love across different places.

Best Free Interracial Dating Sites:

Listed below are some of the best free interracial dating sites which will help you to find your love easily let it be how far the person is.

best free interracial dating sites

1.Interracial Match-

This site is one of the most oldest sites which provides with the facility to provide interracial matches across different races on the earth. This site provides with the facility of finding true love, marriages, dates, looking for friendship, etc. This is one of the most active sites for interracial matches.

People across the globe are using this site very extensively to find their special one. To use this website you need to create your account.Creating an account on this site is very easy and fast once you are ready with your account you can now find your special person easily.You can even add your picture and other valuable information on this site.

This is another important site for inter racing dating. This site has over 35 million users which shows how much active this site is. People across the globe are using this site extensively to find their special one.

This site comes with a feature of a filter which helps to find your love more easily and instantly. This app has a user-friendly interface which helps to use this site more conveniently. You can even add your photo and some valuable information to find your love more easily.

This site also comes with many facilities like looking for dates, making friends, marriage, etc.

3.Interracial Cupid-

This website is one of the most easiest websites to use. This site is designed as identical to any social media site which makes the user handle and absorbs the atmosphere of the website more easily and quickly.

This site also comes loaded with different types of features and facilities. You can even add pictures and provide some information to find your love.

Above mentioned are some of the best free interracial dating sites which you should take a look if you are trying to find your true love. These sites will surely help you out to find your perfect match.

Best Wireless Router 2017 – Top 3 Wireless Router Reviews

Best wireless Router 2017

The wireless router has become nowadays essential part of daily needs both for office and houses. In each and every premises those who use broadband internet must need a wireless router. Without a wireless router, it will be difficult to access the web or the internet on a mobile device. Through wireless router, you can connect to the internet very easily and simply.

Wireless Router is a device which performs the functions of a router and this device also provide a wireless access point.

The wireless router is used for providing and accessing to the internet as well as it is also used to provide Internet network to computer systems.

The Best Wireless Router of 2017 are listed below:

Best wireless Router 2017

  1. Linksys EA9500 Max-Stream AC5400

This wireless router looks like a giant huge mechanical spider. This best wireless router 2017 will be perfect for anything and as well as for professional work also.

Features of Linksys EA9500 Max-Stream AC5400

  • This wireless router is very easy to set up.
  • This wireless router has the technology of Tri-band Wifi.
  • This wireless router provides seamless roaming.
  • This wireless router includes features of MU-MIMO.
  • The most smartest feature in this wireless router is that it connect easily and quickly.
  1. Asus R T-AC88U

It gives fastest wireless speed and connectivity. This wireless router is worth it to its average price. This wireless router has four antennas, and it also has NitroQAM technology which is helpful to push its speeds. This wireless router gives best wireless performance which can also break 1GB per second limit.

Features of Asus RT- AC88U

  • This wireless router provides a fast wireless network.
  • This wireless router consists Asus Ai Protection.
  • This wireless router includes a features of MU-MIMO.
  1. TP LinkArcher AC3200 Wireless Tri-Band Gigabit Router

This wireless router has six antennas on the archer. This wireless network also has provided you triple WLAN networks for the purpose and situation if there will be dozens of mobile devices and computers which will need to access to the wireless resources.

Features of TP-Link Archer AC3200 Wireless Tri-Band Gigabit Router

  • This wireless router has six antennas which provides three wireless networks.
  • This wireless router gives smart connection.

These were the best wireless router of 2017. These wireless routers will give you smart connectivity of network and internet connections.

How To Create iCloud Account For Free on iPhone, iPad

create iCloud account

Apple’s iCloud service has been around for several years, yet many apple iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch customers don’t actually understand it. Taking some time to arrangement the service on your smartphones and your computer might conserve you a significant amount of time and effort in the future.

What is basically iCloud?

It is just a service that maintains details on all your gadgets in sync. Simply put, you can share information in between an apple iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, and a computer. The details on each gadget are automatically updated making sure the most existing details is available on all devices. The service is free, runs wirelessly, and runs in the background, without any special action required by the individual.

For instance, you might be out with friends and take some pictures with your apple iPhone. Those images are instantly offered on all your various other gadgets. There is no need to buy hand transfer images from your iPhone to your computer. The photos are immediately offered on your computer.

create iCloud account

Along with syncing photos across numerous tools, it also synchronizes information such as Contacts, iTunes purchases, Notes, Calendars, Reminders, documents, and bookmarks of Safari browser. It offers the capability to back up your device or locates a shed tool.

The syncing service jobs by keeping your details safely on a remote server. This online storage ability is additionally referred to as “cloud” storage space. By securely saving your information online, you could access this info from any gadget, at any moment.

Create an iCloud Account:

To get begun, you must first create iCloud account for free. Typically, your account can be the same as your Apple ID. If this sounds a little complicated, your Apple ID is the email address you used when registering for iTunes. You use the Apple ID and password to download and install applications or music. Let’s say it in simpler words, the email id used while creating an account will be your iCloud login. Nonetheless, in case these are greater than someone sharing the Apple ID, you may want to develop a separate account. It also facilitates user to sync their contacts across the devices with the help of iCloud Contacts.

The arrangement on an iOS Tool

As part of the arrangement process for a new device, you were asked to get in an Apple ID and arrangement iCloud. You may have an active account and not realize it. Also if you elected not to make it possible for the service as part of your initial device arrangement, you can enable it at any time by opening up the Settings app on your iPhone gadget and selecting iCloud along with the facility of iCloud Drive. If the service is not enabled, you will be asked to enter your Apple ID and password. Once visited, you will see options to enable syncing of different kinds of info. Set the slider control to ON for each product you want to sync between gadgets.

Setup on a Computer

On a Mac, select iCloud in the System Preferences and check in with your Apple ID and password. If you have a PC, you will need to download and install a control panel thing from Apple’s internet site Once it is set up on your PC, open up the symbol in the Control Panel, and check in with your Apple ID and password.

Trying maintains details up to date on a number of mobile devices and a computer could be a challenging job. With iCloud, maintaining details synced across all your devices has never been much easier.

Showbox App Download for PC, Windows (7,8.1,10) and Android

showbox app for pc

Showbox App for PC: Showbox application is one of the best web and online streaming app for watching the Movies and TV Shows. The application has been released for many of the operating systems but the users use mostly it on the PC and allow to stream shows online. All the user have to do is to download Showbox and select the moves they like to have fun watching all the day long. The user can find and watch unlimited movies, TV Shows, Cartoons, and programs from the net.

Showbox Download is free for android devices and windows PC and Showbox app will play all the selected videos online and does not cover the more of the storage space. It streams directly without consuming or eating up space from the PC. The app has got a very easy to understand graphical user Interface, which merely allows stopping, play, rewind, forward and monitor the progress bar instantly.

There are so many networks which offer the online streaming but none of them is free of use and not really good to use. Even if the user can find any free service, then the video quality they watch is much worse. So, this is the most highly rated app which the user can get it on their Windows PC version.

The user can easily watch lots of unlimited High Definition Movies, TV Shows and Cartoon collection for free using their PC. There are hundreds and thousands of Movies, TV Shows and other programs which are available for streaming on this app. The user can find the latest and the old Movies as well which are merely packed in their database. All they need to do is to search for the movie or show they like, select and play to stream it online.

Features of Showbox App For PC:

showbox app for pc

Showbox app has been made available for the android platform mainly.  But the user can use an emulator like Bluestacks to get it on their PC and run it comfortably. Before that have a look at the app features and details.

  • It is a free to download application from the unknown source
  • Very easily comfortable to use and stream Movies
  • It can stream Movies and TV Shows easily and instantly
  • They have tons of collection of Movies and TV Shows for their users
  • The App interface is very smooth and easy to use as well
  • Showbox app also gives its users the free vouchers and saves up their money.
  • The Showbox app is a true blessing for the people who are merely addicted to the TV shows, movies, etc. the user can now easily enjoy their favorite shows and movies such as The Simpsons, The walking dead, despicable me 2 and much much more.
  • The only live TV app with no advertisements in it.

Download Showbox App For PC:

By following the below steps the user can download and install Showbox app on their Windows PC easily. All they need to do is to just follow the basic instructions and install the app.

Download showbox app for pc

  • First of all the users just simply have to download the Bluestacks Android Emulator app on their PC from the official website.
  • And after that, the user just simply have to install the emulator and move to next step of the process of installation.
  • Now after that, they need to do is to download the Showbox app APK file from the official website of the app.
  • Now the user just has to tap on the apk file of the Showbox, and simply right-click on it and select “Open With” mode.
  • After that select the option to install the Bluestacks Player and let the app install
  • After installation, the app icon can be seen in Apps Menu section.
  • Finally, the user have installed Showbox App on their PC Windows

Conclusion: This application is one of the best application nowadays for watching movies and watching TV shows. This app is available free of cost for the users. For more updates and latest notification on this stay tuned with us!!

SnapTube Download for Android, Windows (7/8/8.1), PC, iOS

SnapTube Reviews for Android, iPhone and PC Users

There are a lot of users who search for the best app to download videos that too free of cost. At present, there are lots of video downloading apps available at the internet but out of the lot, Snaptube is the most promising and desirable application. Snaptube application is not only available for android users but it is also available for iOS as well as PC users.

This video downloading application is simple and easy to use for downloading videos from different websites. The most important factor of this SnapTube app is that it allows the user to download videos from the internet in different quality. So in this article, we will discuss the SnapTube application for android, iOS and PC users and the ways to download the application.

SnapTube Apk Downloading Procedure for Android:

SnapTube Reviews for Android, iPhone and PC Users

Now we will discuss the steps and procedure related with the downloading of SnapTube application for android users. As this application is not available on Google play store so users will have to download this application from a third party store or website. But it is highly recommended to download the apk from the official website rather than downloading it from any third party source.

The applications which are been downloaded from any third party source other than Google play store user has to do some changes in their settings of android devices. These changes are simple to update and changes will not cause any harm to our Smartphone. The steps will be discussed to download the SnapTube android apk. The steps to change the settings of android Smartphone are mentioned below.

  1. Open the settings option of your android device and then select the security option of the device.
  2. After selecting the security option goes to the application settings of the device.
  3. Click tick on the option of unknown sources and installation from third party app sources can be now done on your Smartphone.

By doing and following these steps, users will now be able to download this and many more apk from third party sources on their device. To download the SnapTube apk on your device follow these instructions

  1. Select any third party market source or the official website of SnapTube to download the apk.
  2. After downloading the apk from the website selected and install it on your Smartphone.
  3. After the installation process is finished there will be a message regarding the installation finished on your device.
  4. Now users are free to download and access the app on their Smartphone and can use the application to download videos.

SnapTube Downloading Procedure for PC users:

PC users can easily download SnapTube PC app with the help of emulator on their system. The emulator is helpful in mounting SnapTube in Bluestacks. The app requires networks to connect and also for downloading the videos required from the application. The apk of this application can be downloaded from any official website.

SnapTube for PC

Use of BlueStacks for installation of Snaptube application on PC is a very easy process and can be easily performed. BlueStacks is basically an emulator which is used to download the different android application on PC. Steps related with the download of SnapTube application are as follows.

  1. Firstly download any android emulator on your PC.
  2. Install the android emulator on your PC and open the emulator to use it.
  3. After the installation is finished, search on the given option to find SnapTube.
  4. Click on the download button after finding the SnapTube app on the emulator application.
  5. After the installation process is completed there will be an icon on your PC emulator of SnapTube.
  6. Now click on the icon and get start with using the app and enjoy the videos from many different websites.

Snaptube: Alternative for iOS users

Snaptube is basically not available for iOS users so we are going to look out for the best alternative of this application. Cinemabox is an excellent alternative for SnapTube app for iOS users. This application allows users to download favorite videos without any issues. Along with the iPhone users, this application is available for all operating system. This application is very easy to use and work with good speed.

Using this application user can easily download the full movie very fast and in good quality.  The best part of this application is user need not to download any additional software for downloading movies. This application has very fewer ads compared to many other video downloading apps. The downloaded videos are directly stored in the device memory and can be easily retrieved. So for the users of iOS, this application is the best alternative for SnapTube app.

These are the reviews and downloading details for a different operating system for the SnapTube application. Users having different devices can easily follow the steps and download the application on their devices.

Oneplus 5 Release date, Specifications, Expected Price & Latest Updates

Oneplus 5 Release date, Specifications

OnePlus is one of the popular and unique Smartphone brands that is giving tough competition to big smartphone brands. The devices are manufactured in China, and the Smartphone are well-designed, user-friendly interface and works very smoothly. One plus 5 Specification, Update is expected to bring a good response after its release from the users.  The review is all about the comparison done by looking at the previous flagship of the OnePlus releases.

Since, the debut release of the first Oneplus Series it has been giving impressive features and fast performance devices. Until now the company has released its series with the latest one Smartphone that is Oneplus 3T. The company of the Smartphone is making the decision to release another Smartphone in the form of OnePlus5. It is also expected to come with exciting new features and improved performance of the system. Here in this review, I will discuss on the Oneplus 5 Specification, Update.

OnePlus 5 Specifications: Flagship Killer Smartphone

  • Screen or Display:

The display of the OnePlus 5 is likely to come out as 5.5 Inches of a screen which will give you a comfortable view of watching videos. In the meantime, it is also heard that the Smartphone brand will come with a screen resolution of 4000 and it supports the HD quality of videos.

  • Camera:

The rear camera of the OnePlus 5 brings to you 16 Mega Pixel and the Front Camera comes with the 12 Mega Pixels of Camera. Focus technology will be added to it that will include the retina eye scanner, autofocus, and camera sensors as well.

  • Design:

The design of the OnePlus 5 is expected to be seen with a curved aluminum body, which is going to be very attractive. It will have a stylish look in its external body. It is also expected that the body of the OnePlus 5 will be made up of metal body which will decrease the risk of getting damaged when it falls down by slipping or any other kind of incident.

Oneplus 5 Release date, Specifications

  • Processor:

It is expected that we will see the latest version of Android along with the Qualcomm Snapdragon Processor of 3.2 GHz processor. In the mean, OnePlus5 will support the 8 GB which is perhaps going to be one of the Smartphone with the highest RAM. The operating system of the Smartphone will be featured with the Android Nougat.

  • Memory Storage:

As we have seen in the previous release of the OnePlus series we have known that it is 16 GB of internal memory. It is rumored that OnePlus5 will bring you the internal storage of 32 GB; it can also be extended up to 64 to 126 GB which will be set on the basis of price. It is possible that the external storage might be increased up to at least maximum of 126 GB.

  • Special Specs and Features:

The optical image stabilization is added into it along with the geo-tagging, facial recognition, and the HDR auto laser focus. The processor of the OnePlus 5 will be provided with the Snapdragon Qualcomm Octa core of 3.2 GHz processor. It is also heard that the fingerprint locking sensors will be introduced in the Smartphone. Also, some of the new expected features are the Accelerometer, Gyro, Compass and the Proximity.

  • Battery and wireless charging:

The battery of the OnePlus 5 is expected to be powered by 4500 mAh. It is expected that is has a long lasting capacity of more than 18 hours in 3G or 4G data connectivity mode. According to the latest information, it is said that it is likely to have a battery charging capacity from 60-80 % in less than one hour. It is also expected that the battery charging will be wireless charging with the dish charge system.

Expected Price and Release date of OnePlus 5:

The expected price of the OnePlus 5 in different countries like India is Rs. 32,000 to 35,000 INR, the expected price in the US is $480 the US Dollar, and in China, it will be over 1950 Yuan. The releasing date of the OnePlus 5 is likely to be released in the mid of this year 2017.

As I have mentioned all the expected Specification, update and new features that are expected to be seen in the OnePlus 5. However, nothing is confirmed yet, all of the information on the OnePlus 5 is just a rumors for now. All you will need is an official announcement for OnePlus 3 specification and release date and update.

Install and Download AppLock Apk File For Android For Free


Hello there, are you looking for an Application that can lock your phone’s Apps, messages, and secure your phone with better security? AppLock is the right App, and yes you are at the right place. All the androids come with inbuilt security, but you can’t lock everything. AppLock is compatible with all the Android devices and protects your sensitive information and Apps that you don’t want people to look inside. However, it works better with Android 6.0 more quickly and easily. It is a very useful tool to keep the stuff on your phone more secure.

It is available on Google Play Store, and it has been downloaded by millions of users. In fact, it is one of the most downloaded Apps that offer fingerprint lock, privacy protection with pattern and password lock. AppLock is the number one app in 50 different countries. More than 200 million peoples are using this App with their satisfaction. Also, it is a multilingual App that supports more than 24 languages.

What can AppLock do?

AppLock guarantees tight security. You can lock social media Apps like Facebook, Whatsapp, E-mail also your text messages, contacts, settings, incoming calls and much more. It will thwart unauthorized access adding up a better guard privacy. Hide your personal pictures and videos with AppLock. Once hidden, all the particular selected photos and videos will vanish from the gallery and will be only visible in the App vault. This helps to protect your private things more appropriately. There is absolutely no way for access if there is no pin to unlock your hidden items.


With the random keyboard and invisible pattern lock system, no one can sneak and have a look. No one can mess with your phone by changing the settings. One of the best attractions towards AppLock is its incoming call lock. This feature is lacking in many privacy protection Apps. Suppose your phone is in the distance and someone is calling you, it is usually picked by anyone. This fascinating feature blocks anyone from receiving your incoming call. It provides cool protection on private calls. Well, let’s have a look at the features of this App.

Features of App Lock:

So here are some of the most attractive features of AppLock. You will rarely come across these types of features in other such kinds of applications. So check out these features down below.

  • Beautiful and well-designed themes have ben added to this app.
  • Pattern lock, fingerprint lock, and password lock to bolt your Apps have also been provided.
  • Random keyboard protection for preventing people from taking a peek at your phone.
  • Customized background so that you can select your favorite picture and use it.
  • Customized profiles that allow you to set different locked app groups and change lock rapidly.
  • Location lock that allows unlocking and locking according to your preference.
  • Incoming call lock is one of the best features of the application.
  • Quick lock switches in the notification bar help you to lock apps quickly.
  • Google play lock to prevent others from buying games without your authorization.
  • WiFi, Bluetooth, sync, and mobile data can also be locked with the help of this App.

How to download the Apk of Applock:

It is extremely easy to download the APK of this App. All you have to do is click on the link below and download the raw apk file. So this is how you need to download APK of AppLock. Down below I have mentioned about the installation process of the App.

How to Install the Apk of AppLock:


Installation of the Apk of AppLock is quite easy just like the downloading process. Go through the steps mentioned below one by one and install this application.

  • First of all, go to settings and enable Unknown Sources.
  • Locate the APK file on your device and tap on it to start the installation process.
  • A message will appear on the screen of your device asking for the permission to initiate installation.
  • Select ‘OK’ to start the installation.
  • Wait till the installation completes as it will take some few moments.
  • A message will appear on your device’s screen after your installation is completed.
  • You will see a new icon on the home screen of your device. Tap on that new icon and start using it.

So this is how you install AppLock on your device.

How to use AppLock?

Using this App is as easy as installing and Downloading it. So for your convenience, I have provided some steps for the smooth usage of this app.

  • First of all, you need to enable Advanced Protection to protect it so that none can uninstall it.
  • To change your password open AppLock>Protect>Unlock Settings.
  • To open the hidden icon of AppLock, enter a password on your phone’s dial pad and tap the call button. Otherwise, go to your browser and open
  • When you forget your password, update the latest version primarily. Tap the icon and click “forgot password” which you see on the up-right corner of the lock page. Acquire your password by answering a security question and click “Reset Password.” You can also obtain your password by security email. Just click “Send Code to Security Email.”
  • To move in or out of your stuff in the vault make sure your internal storage has enough space of more than 10%. Otherwise, the system will not allow moving files into the vault.


AppLock is the best App for hiding all the delicate and sensitive information. As I’m already using it on my Smartphone, I know how good it is. It has helped me to protect my privacy more solidly. Now, nobody can poke around with my phone. It has many cool features that other privacy protection Apps lacks. I don’t have to worry when I leave my phone away from my reach. The best thing is that only I can receive all the calls that come to my phone. Leave a comment below if you have any more queries regarding AppLock.

VK App Download for PC | Install VK App on your Android devices

VK App Download

VK App Download: The VK is a Russian based online social networking website, and is very popular in the European countries. In fact, it is considered as one of the largest social networking websites of Europe and ultimately, the world. So, in this article I will give you some detailed information on the social networking website and also show you the steps to download VK App for android devices.

As the world moves on towards globalization, the technologies start taking up new forms and shapes, hence making lives much easier than it ever was. People can now, not only communicate using letters, phones and emails, but can also virtually call on video calls. Perhaps there are more to come, but somewhat the social network does seems to be a step towards future of course. The VK social networking website is among the best sources to get connected to our family, friends and other people, around the world.

VK: The Origin

VK, originally known as V Kontacte, was created in the year 2007. Ever since its launch, it has had an enormous support from the people and also got a lot of popularity very rapidly, hence bringing it to the top most companies of the world.

It managed to grasp a very big audience over the past couple of years and as per the latest record, the VK or V Kontacte have a total of approximately 369 million accounts, listing it on No.14 in the Alexa’s rankings, as of June 2016 .

The Features of VK App:

The V Kontacte has got a lot of great features.

VK App Download

  • As it is a social networking website, it is pretty obvious that it will have text messaging service for sure, making chatting more fun and easier with the inclusion of emoticons, stickers etc.
  • The VK can send files like documents, audio, video and photos etc. This does makes our lives more social, as we have the power to make use of our photos, music etc to promote or share with others.
  • Now, we all are very much familiar with the “like” functionality in social networking websites, thanks to Facebook. But the like here is way too different from that of Facebook. As we all know that on hitting the like button the post gets pushed in to our walls automatically, but in VK, it gets into the favourites section, which is kept private from all.
  • Any kind of posts, news and other contents that appear on the screen of your VK account can certainly be synchronized with other popular social networking websites like Facebook and Twitter.
  • V Kontacte makes sure that the privacy of its users are authorized to the users themselves. This feature ensures the users get a complete control over their account and hence could also control the contents that are to appear on their profile walls.
  • VK keeps its users updated with the latest news from all over the world.
  • V Kontacte also has got communities as well. The social networking website has got the groups for making the chat experience more effective and fun filled, whereas there are public pages, that are used mainly by celebrities in order to make promotions etc. The type of these communities can be changed whenever the admin wishes to, by changing the settings.

How To Download the V Kontacte?

Downloading the V Kontacte has never been easier. Just follow the steps below.

For Android:

  • In your android device, go to the Google PlayStore, that comes pre installed in your handset.
  • Type “VK” or “VKontacte” in the search bar, in the Google PlayStore.
  • Now, a search result will be shown, and from there tap on the VK app. There will be more than one search result at a time, but makes sure you choose the most preferred search, which is usually on the top, or you can also check out the stars tha are given according to the users’ reviews.
  • You will be redirected to another page very shortly. Where you will find a detailed information regarding the content you are searching for and also, it contains the download and install options.
  • Once, you get into the VK page in the Google PlayStore, click on the install button. It will straight away start to download the app setup file into your device.
  • Now, the VK will start to get downloaded in your device. Do not click on anywhere else on the page, as it has the chances to cancel the whole download procedure. However, you can minimize the page, and the downloading will not be harmed at all.
  • Wait, for the download to end, and once the downloading has been completed, the app will be automatically installed in your device.
  • Now that the app has been installed, enjoy the social networking.

For The Non-Android Device

  • First of all, go to your settings and turn on the unknown sources button.
  • Go to the official website of VK in your preferred browser of your device.
  • Now, click on the download button in the home page of the official website of VK.
  • Wait, until the download gets over.
  • Once the downloading gets over, you will now receive pop up, which is a permission by your device, to whether install the app or not.
  • Click yes or agree, to install the VK app in your device.
  • You are now ready to begin.


No doubt the VK or V Kontacte sure is a very good app in regards to social networking, and also is very easy to use and user friendly. It is fun communicating with both known and unknown people in the chatroom, and hence it does socialize our lives in a much appealing way.

So, make sure you take some advantages of this wonderful app and get connected to people worldwide. This in fact helps grow your social life in a much better and easier ways.

Download Colors TV Apk – Colors TV App For Android, iPhone

Download Colors TV Apk

Download Colors TV Apk: Since Colors were launched back in 2008, it has touched the heart of every Indian citizen by providing them amazing family entertainment. COLORS are one of the best and popular flagships of Viacom in the entire state of India. This channel consists of various entertainment portions of it, such as emotion, drama, and variety of family drama, etc.

However, we can simply say that Colors is a basket of Blockbuster shows to Reality shows and even the Fiction shows. It is also very popular for promoting all various types of latest movies and shows through various TV shows.

But the most amazing fact about Colors is that it is now available even in the application for the Smartphone. Now you don’t have to worry or wait for the perfect time for the TV shows on your television. Because downloading this amazing app on your device, you will be able to watch you’re favorite serial or reality shows anytime anywhere.

Features of Colors TV App:

Here are some of the amazing features of Colors TV app, check it out before you start downloading this application on your device.

Download Colors TV Apk

  • You will be able to watch your favorite videos and shows anytime anywhere for free; all you need to do is having a sufficient amount of data on your device or connected to it.
  • The best part of this application is you will be able to view what others are watching near you, using the Map protocol on your application.
  • Using this application on your device, you will be able to view the images of your favorite serials or even read the news and details of every show you are going to watch.
  • They have also come up with the improvement of live voting experience.
  • The best improvement in usability for the users.
  • You don’t have to worry about the bugs, as it’s already fixed.

Additional information about ColorsTV application:

If you do start downloading the Colors application on your device, you will be most lucky to have with the latest updated version that is done on 16 January 2017. It requires only 4.4 and upper version of Android device. The current version that available for the Android is 2.0. Also, it has been seen that more than millions of users have already downloaded this application on their device.

The size of this application is only 44.9 MB, basically developed by the Devdutt Nirmala and powered by Viacom 18 Media Pvt. Ltd.

How to download Colors TV Apk in Android:

Downloading Colors application on Android is very simple and easy, all you need to do is follow the given instruction that mentioned below. To avoid interruption during the installation make sure that your device is connected to the internet or the data is sufficient on your device.

  1. To download the ColorsTV app on your device, you will need to visit the Google play store on your device.
  2. Now on the home screen of the Google play store, you will find the search bar where you will need to enter the name of “ColorsTV App” and hit the enter button.
  3. Once you hit the enter button, there will be an icon representing ColorsTV on your device.
  4. Now you will need to click on the icon of your home screen.
  5. Wait while it is getting the download on your device.
  6. After the downloading process is done on your device, you will need to go for an installation.
  7. Once the installation process is done on your device, you can enjoy watching your favorite videos and shows.

Download Colors TV Apk in iPhone:

To download the ColorsTV App on your iPhone, you will just need to visit the App Store and search for the ColorsTV application. Once you are redirected to that page, you can simply download by clicking the icon of this application and start using it on your iPhone. But make sure that you do sufficient data on your device to avoid interruption during installation.

If you are one of those who really doesn’t have sufficient time for watching all of the favorite shows, then I would personally suggest you get installed this amazing application ColorsTV on your device and start enjoying the show anytime anywhere.

OLED iPhone 8 to Feature Curved Display & New Touch-Sensitive Technology

OLED iPhone 8 to Feature Curved Display and New Touch-Sensitive Technology

Apple’s new phone called iPhone will have the OLED curved display and lies the false news that the phone is going to feature flat panel. It even has the feature called new touch sensitive technology.

There was a news that the Apple is planning to release the new phone with the size of 5.5-inch will be releasing in 2017 with OLED screen. Now the report has made the print that the phone features the curved screen display which is the latest trend and you might know that Samsung Galaxy S7 also has the same feature. So, it will be the best phone that releasing in next year.

So, iPhone will feature the OLED curved version. So, now Apple has ordered all plastic OLED panels from Samsung which is producing the huge formats of panels. Samsung has all the production machines to provide 100 million OLED panels to Apple as said by the Korean Herald.

Now there is a rumor that the Apple is going to push the release date of the Apple iPhone 8 because it will have the slight delay in the adoption of OLED displays because Samsung is the only supplier for them.

OLED iPhone 8 to Feature Curved Display & New Touch-Sensitive:

OLED iPhone 8 to Feature Curved Display and New Touch-Sensitive Technology

Now there is no sufficient supply from Samsung hence there will be a delay in the release if Apple iPhone 8. Samsung is also supplying the OLED panels even to LG. So, there will be a ramp-up in the production. Now we need to wait whether Apple is going to try new thing in 10th anniversary or go with the same one.

According to the news by Korean herald, Apple is gaining 70 million to 100 million units of OLED panels through Samsung. So, it’s half the amount of sales if iPhone series every ear. It at least needs 200 million units a year to produce OLED panels for its phone.

The report also suggests that the Apple iPhone will add the new sensing technology where the user can touch any side of the device to perform.

The rumors are started surrounding around OLED display in the last year when Apple was first reported that it has been approved and added then there we found that there will be a removal of Home Button and FaceTime camera on the screen.

This month, there is an even big rumor that the phone will have the all-glass casing to help the wireless charging because glass casing has the capacity to accept the charge very well and fast. So, all of us want the design of the device which looks like a sheet of glass.

There is a recent rumor that Interflex, BH, and Samsung Electro-Mechanics are supplying to the iPhone 8 as components. They all are using in the manufacture of an Apple iPhone 8 display. So, that was the clear news about this. So, they might be involved in the manufacture of OLED panels for iPhone.

There is a huge difference between OLED and LED panels, LED helps you to light LCD screen whereas pixels are illuminating in OLED. Even here we share that iPhone upcoming series will have a curved screen it and this is definite news. This is the actual truth because the Forbes has announced it.